Established 2001

Welcome to GoAirUK Aviation

It was summer of 2001 when a group of flight simulator enthusiasts required a website to share information, organise events, log flights and chat with each other on, with help from many GoAirUK was born.

Over the years hundreds if not thousands have been trained by GoAirUK and as a Virtual Airline we are very well known

Today we use our own custom made software called GoTracker (a version of smartcars 2) to track and record our flight information

As an airline we are in competition with over 800 other VA's currently ranking 25th.

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Take a look at some of the features of our Airline

Automatic Dispatch

With GoAirUK you have the option to opt into a automatic dispatch system which will generate you a certain amount of random flights to complete. This is not complusary

Route Database

Our route database consists of over 3000 flights hand picked by pilots and produced from real world airlines. If theres not a flight you want, Simply request it

GoAirUK Tours

We have a vast amount of tours which are available for you to fly, Your tour progress is tracked and displayed for others to see. Add your own tour to our system

About Us

The aim of our airline is to bring together like minded people with the same passion for aviation

We believe you won't find a better community to be a part of. Our devoted team of admins are here to help with any questions and you can contact us through our community forum and the TeamSpeak server. We provide rooms for you to meet other Pilots and enjoy chatting with each other along with dedicated rooms for streaming, shared cockpit and Vatsim comms.
Our fully customised website is completely responsive across all devices, giving you access to all features wherever you are.

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